Specialized Nutrition

Fibre & Herb Tablets 180 Tablets

Fibre supplement to help you reach the recommended daily fibre intake of 25g per dayContains oat fib..

Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Made from the soothing Aloe Vera leaf, Herbal Aloe Concentrate is now available in mango flavour..

Herbalife Beta heart®

Beta heart® is a nutritious vanilla-flavoured powder that contains the key ingredient OatWell™ oat b..

Herbalifeline Max

Herbalifeline® Max is a food supplement rich in Omega-3 essential fatty-acids EPA and DHA, which..

N-R-G Nature's Raw Guarana

Get recharged with this uplifting tea blend of guarana, orange pekoe and lemon peel. Guarana conta..

Niteworks® 135g

Niteworks®is a night-time food supplement with L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and Vitamins C & E and F..

Oat Apple Fibre Drink

Oat apple fibre is a delicious and easy way to help increase your daily fibre intake.A unique suga..


Herbalife Roseguard is an antioxidant booster for superior antioxidant defence. Antioxidants are i..

Thermo Complete 90 tablets

Thermo Complete® is a powerful supplement designed to jump-start your Weight Management programBoost..

Xtra-Cal® Advanced 90 Tablets

Xtra-Cal is a daily calcium supplement, providing over 100% of your RDA of calcium required for the ..

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Why Choose Herbalife Specialized Nutrition?

Suitable nutrition is vital. No matter how old you are, you have to have proper nutrition, it's one of the key components of a healthful and rewarding life. No matter where you live, what you do, and what's your medical situation is – this huge range of nutritious items is guaranteed to provide you with the right balance of crucial nutrients to help you live a life of great health.
All of the products featured in this lineup are sure to aid you on your journey to healthy living! You will feel reinvigorated, younger, and you will lose weight if you stick to the healthy eating habits celebrated by Herbalife.

Herbalife Nutrition Products: Overview

Even though this selection of popular products available to order is non-conclusive, it'll still give you a great idea of what to expect. In the list below, we detail some of the bestsellers and their respective health benefits:

  1. Herbal Aloe Concentrate. A delicious beverage with no extra sugar. It helps keep your energy levels up.
  2. Fibre & Herb Tablets. A supplemental solution aimed at helping you increase your daily fibre intake. A person with proper levels of fibre in their diet is less at risk for cardiovascular disease, type-II diabetes, and colorectal cancer. Sticking to a fibre-reach diet also helps avoid constipation.
  3. Beta Heart. This groundbreaking solution helps you either maintain healthy cholesterol levels or decrease them. On top of that, Beta Heart helps avoid cardiovascular disease.
  4. Herbalifeline Max. This supplement helps improve your cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. In addition to those beneficial effects, Herbalifeline Max also increases one's mental capacity and eyesight. All of the above benefits are closely related to its very formula, based on eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids.
  5. N-R-G Nature's Raw Guarana. As the name would imply, this product gives you a nice boost of energy whenever you need it. This item has been especially popular with megapolis residents (i.e. people residing in the United Kingdom's capital, London).
  6. Roseguard. Very few people eat enough vegetables/fruits to sustain higher levels of oxidation of other molecules in the body. This product is one of the best and most effective ways of disease prevention. Adequate levels of antioxidant defence help prevent damage of enzymes, cytoplasmic membrane, and cellular DNA.

There are many other products not mentioned in the list, namely Thermo Complete (weight loss aid) and Xtra-Cal (bone/teeth health), but you can still find more info regarding those products on our website.

Herbalife Nutrition Store Online

There are countless benefits of choosing a specialized nutrition program – strengthened the immune system, slimmer body, more energy, you name it. Still, there's one question that people usually ask after going through thousands upon of glaring reviews – where can I buy these products?

There are many certified shops all across the UK, but nowadays online purchase seems like a better, easier, and less stressful option. Oftentimes, Herbalife e-shops offer a significant price off for first-time purchasers. We strongly advise you to get in touch with representatives of the online store you choose to see if you qualify for any discounts.

See why Herbalife's changed so many people's lives all across the world. Examine the line-up, pick the product that is most suitable for your needs and make the first step to a better, happier, and healthier you!

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