Can I exchange a nutrition or personal care product I purchased?
You may exchange the product within 30 days of its receipt by contacting your Herbalife Independent Distributor on info@herbal-online-shop.com. Return shipping costs will be reimbursed by you.
My nutrition or personal care product arrived damaged/defective. What do I do?
You may have the product replaced within 30 days of receipt by contacting us. We will cover the cost to ship the damaged or defective product back to us. However, be aware that the cost to ship the replacement product to you will be on your charge.
My return item package was lost/stolen. What do I do?
HerbalOnlineshop and the independent distributor are not responsible for lost or stolen packages containing returns. We highly recommend that you use proper insurance, tracking and delivery confirmation methods when shipping.
How long does it take to process returns, exchanges and/or refunds?
Most returns and exchanges are processed within seven to ten days from the time Herbal online shop receives the item being exchanged or returned.
I have questions about the Returns, Exchanges and Refunds policy. Who do I contact?
Refunds and exchanges may be obtained by following the instructions available at Herbal-online-shop.com  by contacting your Herbalife Independent Distributor here: info@herbal-online-shop.com

How long will my order take to arrive?
Orders are processed very quickly, depending on the availability of the items you have purchased. Sometimes, an order will be packaged minutes after it has been placed and it takes one and three business days to arrive. If you gave us an incorrect shipping address it’s very important that you send us an e-mail on customer@herbal-online-shop.com as quickly as possible with the incorrect shipping address and the shipping address that you would like it changed to. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to switch out the address before the package leaves our hands, but we’ll try our best. 

When my tracking information updated?
Tracking link isn't always provided in real-time. Our shipping partners may provide the tracking link the day after you placed your order. Therefore, there might be some delay in updating the tracking link, in general, one or two business days. Please be assured, your package is still on its way to you and probably you will receive a notification email with regards to the delivery time.

Why is my pending transaction duplicated?
If a pending transaction appears on your card account twice, it does not necessarily mean your account will be billed twice. Certain payment provider may authorize a charge when you place an order. The Merchant may then authorize your Card again when the amount is due. In these instances, the charge may appear twice in pending transactions but will be billed to your account only once. If you discover duplicate transactions, please wait to see if they appear on your billing statement. If so, you should send an email to us immediately on transaction@herbal-online-shop.com  to dispute one of the charges.

Do you offer the best Herbalife prices?

Yes, we do! Our Herbalife shop is an independent distributor for the healthcare products provided by the company itself. As an Herbalife distributor, we strive to make the world, and the namely UK, a happier and healthier place, so it’s very important for us to stay honest and clear with everything we do. The current business model adopted by Herbalife requires that every single one of their distributors provides all the paperwork about having legitimate customers and making sales with the help of real people who need our products to become a better version of themselves. There’s simply no way we could possibly try to lie to you in one way or another, believe us.

Reasons to Buy Herbalife Products

There’s a ton of reasons to consider this, starting from the quality of products and finishing with the mission that Herbalife brings to the world. The nutrition shakes and supplements are always made from the natural ingredients. You can find out more about the farms where our soybeans grow via an official website. Everything Herbalife produces is based solely on science that works towards making the population healthier and dealing with countless global problems: from childhood poverty and obesity to rising public healthcare costs and so on. Such world stars as Cristiano Ronaldo support Herbalife company in its strive to create a better surrounding for us all and this, coupled with extremely high product quality, leaves us no other choice than to join them in this struggle.

Our Location

We are located in London and you can find all the additional info on the Contact Us page of our website. Fun fact: United Kingdom was the FIRST European country to have its own Herbalife distributor, it happened in 1984. We now try to keep up the tradition of successful, honest and helpful work in this country. No matter what you need, we’ll try to make sure you get the best outcome possible – that’s the main idea behind our job here.

Operational Model

We are an official independent Herbalife distributor and all the products you can find on our website and in the price list are 100% legit and available to buy online. We function exactly like every other Herbalife distributor: we get our products directly from the head company, we make a name for ourselves in the area and then we try to help the people we’re working with in any way possible. Our well-being depends directly on yours, so it’s in our best interests to provide you with the best service we can. Currently, we offer the meal shakes, core products, weight loss packs, skin and hair care products and specialized nutrition to help you on your way to getting in shape. All of these products can be found on Herbalife official site if you have any doubts still. If you’re already familiar and happy with Herbalife products, make sure to check out the new additions to our shop. You can check all the prices and costs right after you make an account on our website. That doesn’t take much time and makes your experience with our company much more smooth and enjoyable. We also have a Blog where our authors write about getting fit, share their favourite recipes and simply get in touch with the audience because the direct and indirect contact with you is very important for us.

The following statement has made our mission and its goals clear! Thank you for your commitment to join a healthy lifestyle and continue to trust us and cooperate

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