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Healthy fats are very essential for a human well-being. This is an irreversible rule.
Proteins and carbohydrates are taking part in cells creation and activity, bring viable force to the whole body, saturate us with necessary microelements and accompany almost all chemical processes. They also regulate nervous system and protect organism from hypothermia. However, in the same time, there is a weighty problem concerning fats - they are very high in calories. If you exceed the norm – it causes weight gain. But you shouldn’t exclude them at all, as this will definitely have a negative impact on your health. Herbalife healthy fats can help improve your well-being and make you feel much better. In our range of products you find a good balance between reasonable cost and high quality. But, first of all, you need to learn and understand varieties of fats. In general, there are two categories of them:

  • Saturated / harmful;
  • Unsaturated / healthy.

Saturated fats are contained in animal products, confectionery products and were causing a negative influence on whole body. They increase cholesterol levels, leading to the development of diabetes and heart illness. In addition, harmful fats are the most common reason of obesity.

So what's healthy fats then?

Unsaturated fats or otherwise -healthy, contain in all kinds of oils and seafood. Also we can get them from avocados, seeds and nuts. You also need to be careful with these fats, as they offer a high level of calories. But at the same time, they are an indispensable element in context of a healthy beautiful body, since taking part in all necessary processes in human organism.

Why are healthy fats so important?

These types of fats are very useful containing such necessary components as omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Such acids are used to regulate blood coagulability and keep cells healthy. Healthy fats have antioxidant effect, relieve arterial pressure and significantly improve the condition of the skin and hair. Another advantage lies in the fact that these fats perfectly support the immune system. In addition, they are not only cholesterol-free, but also help to remove it from the body. So, that’s a pretty good explanation why we need healthy fats in our life.

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