Core Products and programs


6x F1 Vanilla Sachets, 8x Thermo Complete Tab

$20.7 $32.9
6x F1 Vanilla Sachets, 8x Thermo Complete Tab Bring your health goal to the next level.You can enrich your shake with if you would like to get more protein into your body...

Advanced Breakfast Kit

$134.1 $170.5
Product Overview1xFormula 1 1xRaspberry Tea1xHerbal Aloe Concentrate Mango1xProtein Drink MixKey BenefitsAll kits come with a bag, so you can easily share with your customers!..

Advanced Breakfast Kit Strawberry Delight

$134.1 $170.5
Product OverviewFormula 1 - Flavour StrawberryRaspberry TeaHerbal Aloe Concentrate MangoProtein Drink MixKey BenefitsAll kits come with a bag, so you can easily share with your customers!..

Advanced program Kit

$227.9 $242.5
Delicious healthy meal that provides an excellent balance of high quality protein, essential micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs.Key BenefitsThe number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world...

Cell Activator 90 capsules

$32.6 $41.5
For energy and carbohydrate metabolismKey BenefitsB vitamins to help unlock the energy in foodsA special formula which contains B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), Manganese and copper for normal energy metaboli..

CLASSIC Wellness Programme PACK

$155.8 $218.3
Ideal for those who are health conscious, but may not always have time to preparethree healthy meals when life is busy - featuring, Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex WomenKey BenefitsScientifica..

Collagen SKIN Booster strawberry and lemon 171 g

$66.9 $75.4
Product OverviewProduct OverviewDrink enough water. Eat a balanced diet. Moisturise. When it comes to having healthy-looking skin, there’s a lot that goes into achieving a complexion that glows. ..

F1 Free From Vanilla

$38.3 $49.5
The new F1 Free From shake – made free from gluten, lactose or soy so you no longer have to miss out on Herbalife’s most popular product range. Provides an excellent balance of high-quality pea prote..

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix 550g

$36.9 $49.9
F1 shake meal replacement for starting to lose weight. Contains just 217 kcal. Formulated with advanced food technology, the shake has a unique mix of ingredients, with easily absorbed high-quality so..

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Sachets Vanilla Pack of 7 sachets

$19.5 $22.8
Herbalife Formula 1 sachets are ideal for people on the go. Each sachet provides the correct serving and the same nutritional benefits found in a full-size canister of Herbalife Formula 1 meanin..

Formula 1 Savoury 550 g

$66.6 $78.5
Are you stuck for evening meal ideas? In need of a lunchtime saviour? If so, then Formula 1 Savoury meal could be exactly what you are looking for.Treat yourself to the rich, smooth and creamy taste o..

Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral

$28.2 $42.8
Discover Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex Women,your easy route to 24 nutrients to support what your body needs.It contains essential vitamins and minerals in just the right amounts to nourish..

Formula 2 - Vitamin & Mineral Complex

$28.2 $42.5
Discover Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex Women,your easy route to 24 nutrients to support what your body needs.It contains essential vitamins and minerals in just the right amounts to nouris..

Formula1 Express Bar

$22.4 $32.7
F1 Express Healthy Meal Bar has all the nutritional goodness of an F1 shake or a healthy meal.Formula 1 Healthy Meal Bar is handy to keep with you when you are on the go, and when consumed with a ..

Herbalife Basic Pack

$100.1 $142.2
Herbalife  Basic pack is two meal replacement that provides high-quality protein from milk and soy, contains essential micronutrients and added botanicals and herbs accompanied with Aloe Conc..
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Herbalife core products can be rightly considered one of the most effective and healthy weight loss programs developed by American nutrition experts. The manufacturer positions its products as biologically active supplements, designed to nourish your body cells. All components of dietary shakes and other mixes are well balanced, contain only herbal extracts, vitamin complex, mineral salts and amino acids.

Herbalife Core Products Overview

Herbalife complex is created to satisfy all the customers’ demands and tastes, having at the same time a justified price. That is why a wide range of products allows you to buy a complex to your liking. We offer you a list of core products, which will definitely become a base for your health improvement.

  • Thermo Complete is a herbal tea, supporting a satiety feeling. This drink is a perfect remedy, accelerating metabolism and burning excess fat.
  • Cell activator is a dietary supplement, which reduces appetite and makes nutrients digest faster.
  • Roseguard is a powerful antioxidant, designed to support the immune system. At the same time, it provides a cascade effect, enhancing the influence of other antioxidant substances. This complex shields your cells from multiple harmful effects thereby protects you from cancer and other diseases.
  • Instant Beverage is a herbal concentrate equally tasty in cold and hot. The product was created on the base of ancient recipes and modern technologies. The drink will improve your well-being, fill you with energy and accelerate weight loss. Multiple online reviews show that people use Instant Beverage as a perfect fitness tonic as it is very invigorating and with 5 calories only.
  • Herbalife protein Shake Formula 1 is designed to respond to your body’s needs for protein. The product can completely substitute a balanced meal, effectively reducing excessive weight. The shake includes cellulose potassium, a vitamin complex and other necessary substances for metabolism, water balance and detoxication. If you are an athlete or just an active person, order Formula 1 Shake to maintain your muscle mass in good shape.
  • Protein and Express Bars provide extra protein for muscles. It is a perfect snack for active people – 10 g of protein in 140 kcal. You will have a complete feeling of satiety for about 2-3 hours! This is essential for big cities, as London is. We are always in a hurry and often snack with fast food and the cost of it is too high for our health.

Herbalife Core Programs

Herbalife Company in the UK United Kingdom as well as in other countries of the world offers effective programs for weight loss and control.

  1. Basic program. If you follow this program, you will lose 2-3 pounds each month. The complex includes Instant Beverage, Roseguard and Formula 1 Protein Shake.
  2. Advanced program. In addition to the above-mentioned products, this system includes protein bars and multivitamins. This program not only contributes to weight loss but also improves your well-being.
  3. Full complex. This program allows to lose weight, get nutrients, remove toxins from your body. The complex is also supplemented with Cell Activator and Thermo Complete tea.

In general, core complex Herbalife in combination with moderate physical activities is a guarantee of good shape and strong health.

Herbalife Core Complex Benefits

  • Perfectly soothes the feeling of hunger.
  • Your well-being improves and your efficiency increases.
  • Excessive weight is reduced (2-3 pounds each month depending on your lifestyle and metabolism).
  • Your organs are cleaned from slags.

Moreover, Herbalife complex strengthens your immune system, improves mental activity, and makes your body resist harmful viruses, bacteria and diseases.