ULTIMATE Weight Loss Complete

ULTIMATE Weight Loss Complete

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Bring your health goal to the next level. With the complete program, you will be able to manage your weight loss. You can enrich your shake with Personal Protein Powder if you would like to get more protein into your body.

The complete program contains:

2XFormula 1 shake-550g

1XInstant Beverage 

1xHerbal aloe concentrate MANGO (473ml)

1xFibre & Herb 180 tablets

1xPersonalised protein powder


Add a large scoop of Protein Personalized Powder to the shake you are making. Our body needs 1.1- 1.5g of protein for every 1 kg of body weight every day depending on the person's activity level. During the weight loss period, you need to replace 2 meals per day with the Formula 1 shake. After reaching your desired weight, you need to replace only one meal per day with the shake. Herbal Tea Concentrate: Mix a 1/3 teaspoon with 250ml of hot or cold water. Recommended 2-3 times a day. another option is to fill a 1.5L bottle with water and add 2 spoons of tea. finish this amount until the end of the day.The Aloe drink holds very little sugar in it. you drink it once a day, poring the concentrated liquid into the pack's cork and that to a large glass of water. Shake, Tea, and aloe for Breakfast. Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder is a rich source of soy and whey protein, which can help build lean body mass and maintain healthy bones.  Formula 3 is an easy way to personalize your protein intake to suit your weight management or fitness needs.  In between meal, few hours after breakfast: fruit/vegetable/a small slice of bread 

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